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Introduction For many of the over a billion Internet users Miniwatts Marketing Group,the Internet seems to serve an important social function, providing convenient and simple methods to establish or sustain connections with others. The Internet also presents opportunities for people to manage their online personas, for example with brief and informal written descriptions Wallace, A key feature of online impression management is increased control over self—presentation. For example, pictures can be carefully selected and even edited.

It would seem that SNSs encourage self—disclosure and identity revelation.

For this reason, effectively managing first impressions through the construction of the profile would seem to be particularly relevant in the chat room. Let your friends know about it! Russian Chat Reen Rules: This free Russian chatroom is for entertainment purposes only, so please do not post personal information and do not engage in unlawful conduct.

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Certain online contexts may also make it easier to post false information or indeed a lack of information altogether. A key feature of online impression management is increased control over self—presentation. One problem associated with an increased level of control in online csnter is that it becomes relatively easy for someone to stretch the truth. Clearly, one would expect certain online environments to be more anonymous than others.

Dating teen chat center

There are said to be three main motivational factors for blogging: self—expression, identity management and networking Fullwood, et al. Russian Chat Room rules: Even though you can find love here, please note that this is not like an online dating website. Unless the reader personally knows the blog author, the inclusion of a first name only would make it difficult to connect a particular blog to datimg specific individual in the offline world. Furthermore, most people presented information on location, age and gender.

A photograph and some general information are frequently requested, including age, gender and geographic location.


Cues to physical appearance are often unavailable in online communication, and an increased likelihood of interacting with strangers means that shared knowledge about personal backgrounds will be inaccessible in many online interactions. These factors are likely to influence the level and types of disclosure in the blog, but also in the profile. Men seem more likely to go online regularly Fallows, and are more likely to use chat rooms Fallows, ; National Opinion Research Center, However, although the chat room may encourage members to disclose less identity information, chat room members may be less likely to converse with friends and people often feel more comfortable opening up to strangers Parks and Roberts, Chat room users may cwnter choose to use these services because they can get away with behaving in a more socially improper way.

Dating teen chat center

The chat room was chosen in particular as there is limited research which considers chat room profile content. Furthermore, the same study also found that over half of blog authors indicate some form of demographic information, including age, location, occupation or a link to a personal home Herring, et al. Please note that the chatrooms are not staffed with online moderators 24 hours a day, so please use with the denter safety in mind. Fallows suggests that women are less likely to participate in chat room communications due to an increased public awareness concerning anti—social and worrisome behaviours that take place in them.

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According to Huffaker and Calvert it is likely that geen information is important to blog authors as the personal journal encourages disclosure. For instance, it may be more acceptable for an individual to disclose their sexual fantasies in a chat room due to the shared motivations and common goals of the chatters, but less acceptable in a social networking environment.

As most online profiles request similar types of information, this also allows for a more direct and fair comparison between various profiles for different types of online applications. Essentially, nonymous environments promote self—presentation that is line with normative expectations and this may be because people have to be able for their actions Cinnirella and Green, These chat rooms were chosen as they were expected to appeal to different age groups, therefore allowing for an age comparison of profile content.

It is therefore easy to see why certain individuals may prefer to present themselves online. It seems that the optional profile information is frequently not completed and there are varied attitudes towards privacy and personal security amongst members Hinduja and Patchin, As a way of comparison, blog users typically post some form of name, whether it be their full name 31 percenttheir first name only 36 percentor a pseudonym 29 percent Herring, et al.

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Aims and expectations The literature review would suggest that there are at least four factors that are likely to influence self—disclosure online. This might also reflect the types of information that men teeh about themselves on their profiles.

Patterns of Internet consumption are relatively stable between the ages of 12 and 39, however after the age of 40 a steady decline in Internet activity is evident Cht and Madden, It may also be the case that bloggers feel free to disclose identity information, as they are unaware of the potential size of their audience. Moreover, Maccoby and Jacklin argued that whereas boys gather together in larger peer groups, girls prefer smaller, more intimate friendships eating for this reason this may incline females to self—disclose more than males.

Empirical evidence does indeed seem to support the view that women of all ages disclose more personal information about themselves than men.

On the basis of the literature reviewed, it was expected that men would post less information about themselves than women, as well as less identity information. The types of applications used by different age groups also seem to differ. However, in comparing the profiles of the Chinese and English chatters, the English chatters were ificantly more likely to include personal information, for example marriage status Overall, it was found that over half of the chatters included a personal photo on their profile.

Dating teen chat center

Facts About Russia And Russian Women: Russia is the largest country in the world by land mass that has a very strong military and large reserves of natural resources such as oil and gas. Cornwell and Lundgren for example suggest that chat rooms are ideal locations for individuals to pretend to be someone that they are not.

Dating teen chat center

Essentially, it is our decision as to teeen we say and the manner in which we say it Wallace, For instance, it would be more difficult to be deceitful in an SNS context as other users would be wise to this deception. There are also teej differences in the extent to which profile information is reported in social networking sites. Motivations for creating profiles in nonymous environments in other words, environments in which personal identity information is readily availablesuch as personal Web s and social networking sites, may also differ from those who choose to create a profile in an environment in which users may remain anonymous.

Dating teen chat center

Furthermore, sex and age have been highlighted as potential moderating factors in self—disclosure. Data collected from this investigation can therefore be compared with profile construction data from investigations using blog and social networking profiles in order to help elucidate potential factors cgat influence profile construction and self—disclosure online.

Therefore, each chat room was visited for total period of two hours. Across the studies, women were slightly more likely than men to self—disclose.

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We may also wish to promote certain desirable personality traits and omit those that are more unpleasant. The data were collected from Yahoo chat rooms and the presence of including name, location, age, marital status, occupation, e—mail and home were recorded. Post.

Dating teen chat center

Sex and age as potential factors in chat room profile construction Another important factor to consider when regarding impression management and self—disclosure online is the sex and age of the user. Therefore, the chat room represents an online arena in which zero acquaintance interactions take place more frequently.

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