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Government Printing Office] [H. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore. Walter B. Solomon P. Government ability Office

During the course of our faurchild, DOD did improve the information provided to the public about the from its perchlorate testing program. If it is determined that a response action is needed, under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, the cleanup must comply with all requirements that are applicable or relevant and appropriate to the site-specific circumstances. We are very happy to have our witnesses with us today. And, without objection, the witnesses' prepared statements will be accepted for the record.

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There is ongoing research to study the intake from vapors as well as from drinking water. Secretary Beehler [continuing]. The Air Force initiated a pilot treatment process that uses injections of lactate and a dechlorinating agent to groundwater. Now the requirements present an immediate and expensive liability to DOD. We recommend that DOD improve publicly available testing and cleanup information for emerging contaminants, including TCE, on its Web sites.

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And we have set up a directorate within our office as a long-term institutional basis to examine perchlorate and other emerging contaminants. Before these laws were enacted, the Department of Defense DOD and the military conducted environmentally harmful activities for some years.

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In addition, the Military Departments have developed EMS policies and training that emphasize awareness outside of their environmental directorates, as well as the criticality of senior leadership involvement. Moreover, DOD has engaged a three-prong approach to risk management of perchlorate: One, assessing potential releases, where I note the vast majority of samples taken at these sites are either non-detects or levels well below the current EPA reference dose.

Secretary Beehler, whenever you are ready to start with your testimony. And the research on that continues. Chairman, naugthy points.

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About 65 percent of those sites were DOD sites, so maybe Mr. The pilot study was successful, and both TCE and perchlorate were removed to non-detectable levels in one month. I believe that all known, high-risk contamination sites should be speedily cleaned.

And that is the way we will continue to proceed. The Corps of Engineers subsequently issued new policies for file content and maintenance. Is there a place where they can take a shower, et cetera? Also, while many of the military facilities closed under DOD's BRAC program have been cleaned up and transferred to local communities for redevelopment, some have been awaiting cleanup and conversion for many years, and this delays the ability to replace jobs that were lost as a result of the base closures.

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DoD will use the perchlorate reference dose to indicate if a site-specific cleanup is needed. Drinking water supplies have not been affected. Until a national perchlorate standard is adopted, DOD will continue to face differing requirements in different states and continuing questions about whether its efforts to control perchlorate contamination are necessary or sufficient to protect human health.

Ortiz chairman of the subcommittee cht. And one of the things that undoubtedly they will focus on is independence of military bases on energy, on utilities such as water, the very issues fairchilld you are raising. The Department's current management strategy for perchlorate--and I hope Washinggton pronounce it right--or rocket fuel contamination is insufficient. Many of these sites are contaminated with toxic substances in soil, water, or containers such as underground storage tanks, ordnance, and explosive and unsafe buildings.

Groundwater paths, especially those with human receptors, would typically be ranked high. Government Printing Office] [H. It's important to understand that an MCL is applicable to public drinking water suppliers.

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Any other member have any other questions? Nevertheless, we are aware of the following sites with completed or ongoing perchlorate remediation: Massachusetts Military Reservation MMR. In chta, Massachusetts established a drinking water standard of 2 ppb, and California is in the final stages of rulemaking to establish a 6 ppb standard.

Naughty chat room in fairchild afb washington

The Department must understand that the environmental contamination left by our forefathers is just as important to clean up as the environmental contamination left by today's force. The May U.

Naughty chat room in fairchild afb washington

You are a very important member of this subcommittee. As site level execution occurs, annual funding requirements are developed and become the basis for the Department's annual budget request. And what that allows them to do is when they are in a given site--for example, Aberdeen Proving Ground has sites, you know, some high risk, some medium risk, some low risk-- under the performance-based contracting, there is flexibility to use economies of scale.

The Wasshington is working with the local community to keep it washinbton and receive input into the cleanup decision process. Two, taking appropriate response actions where necessary.

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And you know, we want to work together, and I hope by working with the Congress and DOD that we can come up with a solution to hopefully expedite to do some of this cleaning up. If Keesler can get their water from the city of Biloxi, have them do so, et cetera. Perchlorate was detected at one location inhowever, follow-on sampling did not confirm its presence.

Yeah, we identified nearly in total.

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One is that the percentage spent on high-risk active installations related sites is the same percentage that is spent on FUDS high-risk sites within the total amount that is spent on FUDS versus the total amount that is spent on active installations. Is the Defense Department working with the private industry and other public agencies to gain the benefit of this nauhty sector knowledge and expertise in this particular issue in this contaminant remediation technology?

Perchlorate was detected in soil and groundwater. We fully expect other states to take, you know, positions one way or the other on this. It has been found in over 1, defense sites, over half at concentrations exceeding the 5 parts per billion standard.

Naughty chat room in fairchild afb washington

Sir, I appreciate your comments. Again just for my memory, what have we spent on environmental restoration at bases that have been closed by rounds of BRAC to date, and what is your estimated amount to clean up the bases that have been identified to be BRAC'd by the panels that have already met and made decisions? Implementing EMS overseas is not required by Executive Order EO ; however, DoD decided to make it a requirement for overseas facilities due to the overall benefits of an integrated management system.

Second, it has been claimed that DOD will not respond to rom unless a maximum contaminant level is established. The installation also identified contamination by volatile organic compounds fairchilv as trichloroethylene.

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