Super Smash Flash 2

The super smash flash 2 is a fighting game with an amazing graphics. Once you start playing the game, you will get addicted to it. It has all the Nintendo game characters that you can select to fight. You can pick up to 3 computer characters and one for you. The power of each character is different as well as the way of attacking.

The player needs to attack the enemy before the enemy’s attack. You can enjoy the game in full-screen mode. The player can fight with the online opponents. Kids will love to play with their favorite cartoon characters like Mario, Sonic, Goku, Pikachu, Zelda, link, Ichigo Naruto, etc.

In super smash flash 2, the player can select the multiplayer mode or single player mode. The super smash flash 2 is an upgraded and improved version of super smash bros that was a hit. Super smash flash 2 is also doing really well and people love to play it in free time or whenever they get bored.

There is no age limit to enjoy this flash game. People of every age can play the super smash flash 2. Your tiny tots will surely love this game as they can play with the cartoon characters they love.

Tip And Tricks 

Some tips and tricks are essential for all the beginners who want to win the battle

  • If you have never played the super smash flash 2, you can play the training mode first.
  • Select the character of your choice and knock down the opponent before he attacks you.
  • You need to be alert so that you can win the battle.

How To Play

As a player, you need to know how to control your character and which keys to press for which action. The game will become easy once you know the correct keys. WASD keys are used to move up, left, down, and right. To grab your opponent, you need to press the U button. Spacebar is used to select and back to pause.

You can attack your enemy in two different ways and for this, O button and P button should be pressed.  To taunt, press 1 button. The I button is used for activating the shield. The player two keys are different.

But, the best part of super smash flash 2 is that it allows you to set the keys from setting option.


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