Tiny Planes Game

Tiny Planes

Tiny planes is a multiplayer game that has launched in 2012 and doing quite good since then. People have been enjoying this game and used to play it whenever they get bored. Your tiny tots will surely love the tiny planes game.

In the tiny planes, there are small planes that fly in the air and target the enemy’s plane to destroy them. It is a bit challenging as you have to shoot all the planes of your enemy to win the battle and flying high in the air you may miss your target.

The tiny planes is a simulation video game. When you open the game, the two options pop up on your screen saying tutorials and multiplayer. If you haven’t played the tiny planes game, then you need to click on the tutorials to learn the game controls from the beginning.

The graphics of tiny planes is also good, you will feel as if you are playing the latest game that is free of cost. You can easily find the tiny planes unblocked game and play it without needing to download it.

There is no error or bug in tiny planes, so you will play this 2D and 3D game without any disturbance.

Tips And Tricks 

The players, who have never played the tiny planes, need to know a few tips and tricks to play tiny planes game like a champion.

  • Check out the tutorials if you are new to tiny planes
  • You need to fly higher than your opponent to drop the bomb or in front or behind your enemy’s plan to shoot.
  • Shoot before your enemy knocks you down.
  • Stay alert, so that you can protect your plane from the opponent’s fire.
  • You can host the game as well to play with other mates.
  • You need to know how you are going to attack your enemy’s plane with a bomb or fire shots so that you can easily kill the plane of your opponent.

How To Play

Once you know how to play the game and what keys you need to press, you will easily play the game. To start flying, you need to press right and left key. Once your plane flies, you need to press the up key to keep flying in the air or else the plan will fall down. Press the X button to fire. To boost forward, you need to press the Z button. To drop the bomb, you need to press the A button.


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